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Our teams at Global Pet brands make a daily commitment to be more than just pet food innovators. We strive to create premium pet products which connect with pet owners who EMBRACE their beloved cats and dogs.

We are experts at creating healthy pet treats & snacks, and have created an innovative range of pet products around that expertise.

We CAREfully select natural ingredients and have developed hypoallergenic  and grain free options. We implement the finest production processes, such as cold-pressing and slow oven baking.

ENJOY knowing your customers’ pet nutrition is in the capable hands of our experienced house of leading pet brands.

Our brands

Private label

Our expertise in packaging and product development is often used by market leaders for private label projects. You define the product and we offer you a range of packaging options including “dielines” that client can personalize with own logo and design. A display box can be part of that as well.

We are specialised in baking and ice mixes and ice cream for dogs and can offer a wide range of options in tastes, shapes and packaging.

We would like to hear from you at sales@globalpetbrands.com

Seasonal products

We are delighted to introduce our Seasonal range of appealing pet temptations. Our in-house design team has created an innovative collection of highly marketable products.

A heart-rendering Valentine collection, a fresh Easter collection, a haunted Halloween collection, and a warm Christmas collection.

Our team has also created a concept for the World Cup Championship Football in Qatar in 2022. Delicious dog treats, including a little football or a personalized scarf for your furry friend as a present.

We have the ability to tailor marketing concepts for the pet specialty stores/chains, and products which are more suitable for the FMCG channels.

Global pet Brands relies on a wealth of experience for its positive references from many pet food chains, and multiple super (hyper) markets in Europe.

Extra impulse sales are supported by sparkling POS materials.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions, and are capable of making them. Contact us to share your thoughts.











Latest news

Innovations @ Interzoo

Global Pet Brands will present a new innovative range of products on the Interzoo. Ice mix for dogs, baking mix for dogs, hypoallergenic treat, functional treats and more…..Come and visit us in Hal 1 Stand 616

Global Pet Brands in Japan

After a long time of investigations, research and formalities we started operations in Japan officially today. Congrats Ken san, Maeda san, Takeda san and Nishiyama san. Good luck at the Japanese pet fair next week.

New innovations @ Zoomark Bologna

The first exhibition after a long time. It was great to meet clients and make new contacts in Bologna. Global Pet Brands presented some new innovations.


We care about the unprivileged pets. That’s why we yearly devote ourselves to select different dog & cat charity initiatives. We support them with financial compensations as well as donations of healthy treats and food. At the end of the day, every pet deserves to be embraced!

Follow us or feel free to inform us about your charity suggestions at: charity@globalpetbrands.com

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