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Our Global distributor network is growing!

Global Pet Brands has finalised an agreement for the distribution of our brands in the DACH region.  

Mr. Willem van Kruijsbergen, COO, has reached an agreement with Mr. Alwin Kessler who will become the Head of Sales DACH. “During the last 2 years our brand Beau&Belle was present on the Germany market, but I feld the need for stronger presence. With the experience of 30 years in the PET industry, Mr. Kessler is right person to promote all our brands in the DACH region with a focus on Grocery chains and Specialty stores….” According Willem van Kruijsbergen.

Mr. Alwin Kessler : “I came in contact with Willem years ago and was attracted by his passion for the product and the innovations they continously make. This affected me and I am delighted that I can joint this enthousiastic team. At Global Pet Brands, there is an attitude of open spirits and this contributes to be able to create together the ideal collection which suits the demand on the DACH region.”


Collection of Decorative Bones is launched.

Beau & Belle developped two new items in the Family Fun range. Family Fun are products that create a bonding between pet owner and pet. It is a combination of a healthy treat and fun to prepare that treat. The new decorative bones come in a nice packaging and included is a tube with edible paint to personalise your dogs bone with a message or a name. Kids love it and your dog will recognise the ritual of preparation. Have a look by clicking here.

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New office and warehouse for Global Pet Brands

What a month! During this Covid-19 period, we have focused on the re-organistion of our company to be prepared for further growth. As of today, the new office, showroom and warehouse are officially operational. With the focus on efficiency, we have integrated offices for R&D, Design, Sales and HR and elaborated logistics (1.600m²) and distribution center (450m²). Clients are welcome to visit our showroom, we are happy to present you our latest collections.