Laika Bone

Laika Bone is created to have an alternative to traditional bones and rawhide bones. Made of lactose free and low fat milk protein, Laika Bone is a 100% natural cheese, that we have added different and delicious flavours for your dog to safely chew and enjoy. It is also a fantastic and nutritious treat that helps eliminate bad breath and teeth bacteria. Its main ingredient is of low digestibility giving dogs a feeling of satisfaction and making the metabolism work harder helping fat burning.

SAFETY – PETMECH LLC, a leading American pet food testing company, graded LAIKA BONE Digestibility as “EXCELLENT”!

Digestibility is important issue when choosing a chew. It is very important because you will want that the chew do be digest as fast as possible if your dog swallows a chunk of the chew.

Laika bone and with a lot of good things !

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