Care products for Cats

Detangle & Shine for cats

The Detangle & Shine Spray helps to remove fur tangle and smoothing the coat of the pet, leaving a gentle shine. Also helps in brushing the fur. Suitable for all kind of fur and skin



·       Gentle Spray

·       Gentle to skin and coat

·       Detangle Fur

·       Adds shine and helps in combing the fur

·       Restore the fur softness and smoothness

Vegan (confirmation pending)


Rice PO₄ Natural: Special rice starch (phospate cross-linked starch), due to its morphology and size helps with a velvet skin feeling, gentle smooth touch and very effective in oil absorption

Aloe Vera Leave Juice: Improves the skin condition in urban, highly polluted regions. Restores oxidative stress balance and helps to maintain healthy skin.

Cetrimonium Chloride: Conditioning agent that improves wet & dry compatibility.

Crodamol STS: Emollient that improves shine and feel characteristics. Easy to comb and excellent detackifier.

Directions for use
Shake the bottle and pulse the pump to dispense the needed quantity at a distance of 15 cm of the dry fur. Gently brush the coat. Do not spay into face or eyes of the pet.

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