Care products for Cats

Room spray for dogs

Unique Air Freshener Spray designed to reduce and neutralize “doggy” smell. Extra strong effect thanks to unique combination of ingredients. Removes even stubborn animal odors and leaves behind a light, fresh scent.



·       Removes malodors

·       leaving fresh and light scent at home

·       unique fragrance technology – FRESHPLEX™

·       85% bio-based odor neutralizing active ingredient – ZINADOR™35L

·       Vegan (confirmation pending)


FRESHPLEX™ – Malodour Counteracting Fragrances by MANE. Contains patented fragrance molecules that reduce malodours.

ZINADOR™35L – excellent odor neutralizing properties against a broad range of odors. Developed and produced with Itaconix polymer technology

Directions for use
Shake well before use. Spray holding bottle vertically in room.

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